Matt Scott is Back!

Welcome back, everybody. This is That’s Criminal and I am John Stamp, with me as always is the forever young Tiger Dog to my right. And he is already asleep. One of these days I promise he’ll contribute. He’s an avid reader, or at least he seems like one because every time I sit down with a book, he noses in to see what I’m up to before demanding I pet him. I think he thinks I’m way better at multi-tasking than I am because he thinks I can pet him and read at the same time, and I cannot.

Anyway, so far this week it’s quiet. I’m editing that’s why, it’s always quiet when you’re editing, that way the critics in your head don’t have to yell about how bad you’re writing is when they see all the word salad filing your first draft.

On a positive note, you might notice on the IG feed that I figured out how to make memes, which is an awesome waste of my time. That new skill right there is a clear indicator of how much I like the editing process. I think I found a meme generator after maybe five pages of my first draft. Nothing like a good distraction am I right?

That’s it, you don’t want to hear me bitching so lets get to the good part. Tonight, it is my pleasure to welcome back Matt Scott.  

Matt earned his bachelor’s degree in political science and history from Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, where he had the honor of studying under former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), General Sam Wilson, who was the college’s president and initially introduced Matt to the world of espionage. During his subsequent studies, Matt became fascinated by the CIA and read dozens of non-fiction books related to Middle East politics, spy craft, the CIA’s war against terrorism, tales of clandestine spies and double agents, and memoirs of former agency directors.

Matt grew up in Portsmouth, Virginia, and currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife Amanda. When he’s not writing, Matt works as a professional financial analyst and amateur golden retriever wrangler. 

We’ve got ⁠Surviving the Lion’s Den⁠, ⁠The Iranian Deception⁠, and now ⁠The Ayatollah Takedown⁠.

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