TCP Ep. 30 That’s a Wrap!

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Tonight it’s just me. Capping off the first season of That’s Criminal. This was so much fun, especially since I kind of just jumped into the podcast game, everything came together kind of quick. The name, the logo, I just kind of threw it all together and hit record. I had no idea what to expect, pleasantly surprised at how it turned out.

To start I want to say a big thank you to all the authors and creatives that joined me this season. Some great discussions, diving deep into some important stories both true crime and fiction. Especially those first few episodes, Frank Stanfield, and Robyn Maharaj. You guys were really patient with the rookie host. In 2023 I’ll probably add a little more fiction in the mix. Speaking of, If you guys have any authors you want to hear from pass them on, either DM me or email me at I’ll reach out and see if I can get them. I’ve got a tentative roster already planned, but there’s always room for more right. So, let me know who you want me to talk to and I’ll make it happen.

I also want to thank the other hosts who have been so supportive, helping me get the TCP off the ground. Emily Webb, Jason Piccolo, Lee Clemens, John Kozma, Patrick Faulkner, Pat O’Donnell, CJ Lopez, Scott Kafka, Ryan Permison. Hope I’m not missing anyone. Each of these folks helped get me off the ground with either technical advice, business advice, or tips for hosting this thing. Thank you, guys, I really appreciate it.

Finally, I mentioned this before but Brother’s Keeper is on its way to audible. Chas Mandala and I were so happy with the way Spoilers turned out, we decided to collaborate on bringing Alex and Charlie to the spoken word.

Coming early 2023.

Happy holidays everybody, and stay safe, and if you are still looking for the perfect gift for your book junkie, I have seven ideas for you. Check me out on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, wherever books are sold.

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TCP Ep. 29 Eve Carson and the Joan Webster Murder

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Spoilers is live on Audible. I’m really excited. The way producer/narrator Chas Mandala brings Banks, Wilke, Thompson, DeGuello, and of course Biannca and Poppy to life will blow you away.

Tonight we’re talking to Eve Carson, Author of Simple, Safe & Secret: The 1981 Murder of Joan L. Webster.

Eve Carson was born and raised in Danville, Illinois. In 1981 her sister-in-law Joan Webster was murdered. Her killer has never been found. Eve has published multiple articles and given numerous interviews about Joan Webster in publications such as Crime Magazine, The Journal of Forensic Research, The Precious Hearts Foundation Magazine, The Journal of Forensic and Crime Investigation, Medium, and Unsolved Magazine. In addition, Eve presented aspects of Joan’s case to the International Forensic Research Conference twice.

Happy Holidays Everyone. Thank you for listening.

Just a thought, Blood Red Ivory would make a hell of a Christmas present.

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TCP Ep. 28 Marla Bernard, Author of By the Side of the Road: The True Story of the Kidnapping, Rape, and Murder of Ann Harrison

Tonight I get to talk to Marla Bernard, Author of By the Side of the Road: The True Story of the Kidnapping, Rape, and Murder of Ann Harrison. Marla is a passionate victim’s rights advocate, author, and public speaker. She is also a retired Police Sergeant, instructor, and contributor to national law enforcement publications. She was recently filmed for an upcoming true crime series in the United Kingdom for an episode based on her first book, Through the Rain.

About By the Side of the Road:

In the early hours of March 22, 1989, two friends – career criminals with violent felony convictions – drove around the eastern Kansas City area in a stolen car committing a series of crimes. The weather was mild for late March in Kansas City; the sky was clear, and there was the pale remnant of a Full Moon that bore the dubious name of Death Moon, the last full moon of winter. A little before 7 a.m., 15-year-old Ann Harrison walked to the end of her driveway on Kansas City’s east side to wait for the bus to take her to Raytown South High School. Ten minutes later, she disappeared but no one saw what happened. As if waiting for her return, her belongings were still stacked carefully by the side of the road. BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD is the true crime story of the kidnapping, rape, and murder of Ann Harrison and the long journey forced upon her family who had to wait nearly three decades to see her killers brought to final justice.

You can find Marla at her website:

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TCP Ep. 27 Linda Lou Long, Author of The Tuskegee Strangler: The Nicest Serial Killer they ever Met

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Also, continued thanks for your support and great feedback for Spoilers and Blood Red Ivory.

Tonight we’re talking to Bestselling author Linda Lou Long.

Linda Lou Long has worked for over thirty years in a variety of law enforcement and state government positions. Her experience includes working as a Process Officer, riding Horse Patrol, and acting as a Search and Rescue Canine Handler. Linda Lou has also worked with juveniles in a youth camp called Camp Sherwood for the Illinois State Police. More recently, Linda Lou acts as a trainer with the Illinois Police Association-Central Division for the city, county, state, and federal officers instructing on the newest crime-fighting issues, ideas, and techniques.

Linda Lou’s education is in rehabilitation and legal studies with an emphasis in Criminal Justice Administration and Rehabilitation Administration at a Master’s level.

Her book, The Tuskegee Strangler discusses the case of Jerry Marcus, who stalked and killed seven girls 1970 and 1986 in the states of Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee

Linda can be found at: Linda Lou Long | Facebook

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TCP Ep. 26 Matthew Gentile, Writer/Director of American Murderer starring Tom Pelphrey and Ryan Phillippe

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Tonight, I’m excited to talk to award-winning filmmaker Matthew Gentile. Matthew is the writer and director of American Murderer, coming to theaters on October 28th.

American Murderer is based on the true story of Jason Derek Brown – a charismatic con man turned party king who bankrolls his luxurious lifestyle through a series of scams. When his funds run low and his past catches up with him, he plots his most elaborate scheme yet and, in the process, becomes the FBI’s most unlikely – and elusive – top ten fugitive.

AMERICAN MURDERER stars Tom Pelphrey, Ryan Phillippe, Idina Menzel, Jacki Weaver, Shantel Vansanten, Paul Schneider, Moises Arias, and Kevin Corrigan. Traveling Picture Show Company produced the film with Gigi Films, Productivity Media Inc, and Radiant Films International.

I got to screen American Murderer and I can tell you this movie is solid. Tom Pelphrey plays a fantastic bad guy. Stream it or go see it, October 28th!

For reference here’s a link to the FBI’s page on Brown: 

Matthew Gentile can be found at:

ABOUT | mgdirector (

Thanks Matthew for a great interview.

As always, thank you to Crush Limbo for the music.

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