TCP Interview with Margery Metzger, Author of Hidden Demons: Evil Visits a Small New England Town

Here we go everybody this is the TCP and I am John Stamp, Tiger-dog is chilling here with me. And so far, he’s managed to stay awake.

 First off, ⁠Wraith of Sheltermount⁠ with the new cover is live in both paperback and kindle, check it out. Jeff Hayes at Plasmafire graphics did a fantastic job capturing the tone of the book. I’m glad you guys like it.

 Second, continuing my wholehearted thanks for your continuing support for ⁠Brother’s Keeper⁠, ⁠Blood Red Ivory⁠, and ⁠Spoilers⁠ on Audible. Thank you for all the support and compliments you’ve sent.

 Tonight, I’m talking to Margery Metzger about serial killer Lewis Lent and her new book, Hidden Demons, Evil Visits a Small New England Town.

 Margery has been a social worker, Exercise therapist, and film festival director. Hidden Demons is Margery’s first book.

TCP Interview with Army veteran and Author David Scott

Here we go everybody this is the TCP, and I am John Stamp. With me is the ageless Tiger-dog snoozing right here next to me.

To start, continuing my wholehearted thanks for your continuing support for Brother’s Keeper, Blood Red Ivory, and Spoilers on Audible. Thank you for all the support and compliments you’ve sent.

Also, if you haven’t got around to it yet, Wild Blue Press has Blood Red Ivory on sale this week for $2.99. Just tossing that out there.

Tonight, I get to talk to Army veteran and Author of the Titan Protocol, David Scott.

David Scott was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, but grew up in a New Jersey suburb. He served for more than 12 years in the US military. His first four years were with the Marine Corps during which time he deployed to Japan, Afghanistan, and twice to Iraq. Leaving the Marines, he worked at the Internal Revenue Service while attending college. David then joined the US Army to become a Blackhawk helicopter pilot. After the Army he worked as a software developer. When not writing, he works as a podcast editor.

You can connect with David on:

Big thanks to Crush Limbo for the music.

Tripecoh Media, LLC

TCP Interview with Army Veteran and Author TR Hendricks

Warning: Coughing Fit. I was just getting over something and lost it for a moment coughing. My bad.

Hey Everybody,

First, I wanted to point out that I and a boatload of great authors including, Kate Quinn, Jeanette Walls, David Baldacci, and Scott Turow will be signing at the Amelia Island Book Expo, Amelia Island, GA on February 18th which is right around the corner. Also while I’m mentioning it, in June I will be at Space Coast Book lovers, the 21st-24th, Orlando Reads in August, and Books at the Beach, St. Pete’s Beach, in October.

Second, extending my wholehearted thanks for your continuing support for Brother’s Keeper, just released on Audible. Alex and Charlie are two of my favorite characters I’ve put on paper. Thank you for all the comments and compliments you’ve sent.

Third, tonight I’m very excited to welcome T.R. Hendricks to the TCP.

T.R. Hendricks is a former Army tank platoon leader and military intelligence officer who deployed multiple times in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He’s a graduate of Hofstra University on Long Island, NY.

When not working or writing, Hendricks is most likely reading, woodworking, or watching his beloved San Francisco 49ers. T.R. calls upstate New York his home.

His thriller, The Instructor is his first book.

Find T.R. at:

Twitter: @TR_Hendricks

IG: @readtrhendricks

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