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Not gonna lie I was a bit rusty on the production side of the house this week but, we are back on That’s Criminal with John Stamp!

I hope you guys had as much fun as I did over the holiday. December was a blur. Took the wee babes to the Big Island of Hawaii, and just like I did the first time I went there long ago, Red Five and the Big Guy did not want to come back. Three out of the four of us were all in favor of putting up a tent on the beach and never leaving. Thankfully, the brains of the outfit, the lovely wife Erica, talked us back to the mainland.

So, I’m back, had enough fun last year that I decided to talk to a bunch more really interesting people. I got a pretty great lineup both in true crime and fiction coming up so I hope you continue to enjoy the show. I do have an announcement though; the boys picked a new logo. It’ll be in the show notes. And the new cover for the podcast starting next week.

Also, before we get into it, big thanks to all of you who have downloaded Brother’s Keeper on Audible. So far Alex and Charlie have been really well received. And, like he did with Spoilers, Chas Mandala nailed it with the narration.  We both appreciate the support.

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Tonight, I get to talk to Stan Mitchell, Former Marine, journalist, author, and host of the View from the Front Podcast.

Stan has authored eleven books both fiction and nonfiction including the Danny Acuff and Nick Woods series.

Find Stan on Twitter @StanRMitchell or

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TCP Ep. 23 Author and Host of Cops and Writers Patrick O’Donnell

Welcome back to That’s Criminal.

Spoilers is coming to Audible. I just finished some last-minute edits. The producer/narrator Chas Mandala has been amazing to work with. He’s so good at bringing Banks and Wilke, Thompson, DeGuello, and of course Biannca and Poppy to life. Look for that on pre-order in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for your continued support for Blood Red Ivory. Got about 20,000 more words to go in the first draft of the next Ty Benhoff adventure. I think you’re really going to like it. Hopefully, I can get it to you later this year.

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Tonight we’re talking to Patrick O’Donnell.

Patrick worked for the Milwaukee Police Department for 25 years. He has overseen thousands of crime scenes and investigations, including homicides, sexual assaults, and robberies.

He hosts Cops and Writers. an informative and often humorous podcast for crime writers that are serious about creating accurate and believable police stories.

He’s also the author of four books:

Cops and Writers: From the Academy to the Street (Non-fiction)

Cops And Writers: Crime Scenes and Investigations (Non-fiction)

COMING SOON: Field Training (Brew City Blues Book 1) (Fiction)

Mad City: Book One of the Sean Walsh Post Apocalyptic Series (Fiction)

You can find Patrick at:


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TCP Ep. 20 Bestselling Author James Chandler and his Sam Johnstone Series


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Tonight I get to talk to bestselling author of the Sam Johnstone Series James Chandler.

James Chandler spent his formative years in the western United States. When he wasn’t catching fish or footballs, he was roaming centerfield and trying to hit a breaking ball.

After a college baseball career, he exchanged jersey No. 7 for camouflage issued by the United States Army, which he wore around the globe and with great pride for twenty years before retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel of Air Defense Artillery.

He earned his Juris Doctor by attending night school at the George Mason University School of Law while assigned to the Pentagon and practiced law in Wyoming for twelve years before his appointment to the bench.

 When he isn’t working or writing, he’ll likely have a fly rod, shotgun or rifle in hand.

His Sam Johnstone series includes: Misjudged, One and Done, False Evidence, and Capital Justice.

James is a master of the legal thriller. We talk process, his background with the US Army, and his life as a judge. A great interview.

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TCP Ep. 11 A.M. Adair

A.M. Adair is an active duty Chief Warrant Officer and Intelligence Specialist with the US Navy. She’s also the author of the Elle Anderson Series, an explosive three-book spy thriller that includes Shadow Game, The Deeper Shadow, and Shadow War.

Find A.M. at:

 Facebook: @AmaAdair

IG: @A.M.Adair

Twitter: @AMAdair6

LinkedIn: Ama Adair


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TCP Ep. 10 David Larson

David S. Larson wrestled a 300-pound black bear when he was fourteen, we should probably start there. He says that prepared him for a life of storytelling. Larson is an award-winning Fortune 500 marketing executive. As an author he has written history, screenplays, he’s been a ghostwriter in fiction and biography, his latest work “The Last Jewish Gangster” is true crime. 

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