TCP Ep. 20 Bestselling Author James Chandler and his Sam Johnstone Series


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Tonight I get to talk to bestselling author of the Sam Johnstone Series James Chandler.

James Chandler spent his formative years in the western United States. When he wasn’t catching fish or footballs, he was roaming centerfield and trying to hit a breaking ball.

After a college baseball career, he exchanged jersey No. 7 for camouflage issued by the United States Army, which he wore around the globe and with great pride for twenty years before retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel of Air Defense Artillery.

He earned his Juris Doctor by attending night school at the George Mason University School of Law while assigned to the Pentagon and practiced law in Wyoming for twelve years before his appointment to the bench.

 When he isn’t working or writing, he’ll likely have a fly rod, shotgun or rifle in hand.

His Sam Johnstone series includes: Misjudged, One and Done, False Evidence, and Capital Justice.

James is a master of the legal thriller. We talk process, his background with the US Army, and his life as a judge. A great interview.

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