TCP Interview with Eric Bishop

Welcome back everyone, I am John Stamp, and this is That’s Criminal. My co-host the one and only Tiger-dog is not quite asleep yet, so maybe he’ll hang with us tonight. Maybe he’ll pass out on the floor. I’ll keep you advised.

Before we get started there is not much on my front to report. I am editing. You guys know how much I love editing so, yeah. I’m editing. I will say one thing positive about editing, only because you gotta look on the bright side. Editing is the phase where I do most of my research. I only have so much writing time blocked out in my day, so I need to make the most of it. I don’t want to bog down the flow when I’m writing the first draft so I usually will put a note or placeholder in for stuff I gotta go back and get right. So, in the first 60 pages of what I’m tentatively calling Overmatch, it’s growing on me, my internet history includes Jakarta Indonesia topography, national command authority, national strategic priority, the NDAA, and Chinese intelligence functions, and Chinese firearms. So far, it’s only been a week, but so far no knocks on the door from three letter agencies. Either we do have privacy in our person, places, and effects, or there’s a writer’s exception when Skynet finds something fishy in the browser history.

I know this is 100% writer’s brain but in exploring the idea of a writer’s exception I pictured this analyst sitting in a bunker somewhere getting the alert Skynet found related to my searches. He takes one look and waves it off. He looks at his boss who’s about to task a satellite and says, “Nope, stand down, it’s just Stamp. he’s fine, you should see the rest of the crazy shit he’s looked into. At least this time he’s not looking up how to summon a demon or anything. Did you guys read Shattered Circle, by the way, dark, but fun. Blood Red Ivory was pretty awesome too. Hopefully, he gets off his ass and publishes whatever this is related to. Gets lonely down here.”

I know how ridiculous that sounds. But it’s fun to put wild flights of fancy down on paper. When you go back and read them it serves as a good barometer to where you sit on the scale between creativity and, seek help.

Anyway, Ty Benhoff 2, Overmatch with an asterisk. Coming soon.

Tonight I get to chat with Eric Bishop, Author of ⁠The Body Man⁠.

The Body Man explores a unique role for the Secret Service in their role protecting the President. It starts off with a kidnapping and doesn’t let off the accelerator, so to speak.

Eric grew up in Connecticut, and like many of us relocated or fled to the South after college. After becoming restless, moves to the Rockies and the Pacific Northwest occurred before finally heading back East to raise a family.

After many years in corporate America, he turned his passion for the written word and dreams of crafting a novel into reality. His debut novel The Body Man came out in November 2021.

Eric now lives in the foothills of South Carolina where you can normally find him exploring the great outdoors most weekends all the while dreaming up the next great novel.

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