TCP Interview with Author Steve Stratton

Hey everybody this is the TCP and I am John Stamp, Tiger-dog has ditched me tonight. It is really nice out and he is laying outside under a tree.

 Only one announcement tonight. Ty Benhoff 2 is a wrap. I’m thinking of a couple tentative titles, the one I’m leaning on right now is Overmatch. Don’t know, the hardest part of this whole writing thing is A: coming up with a title and B reducing 100,000 words to a blurb on the back cover. It’s a work in progress, and now I’m editing, which is not my favorite part, but the big lift is over. Hopefully Overmatch, or whatever I end up calling the second Ty Benhoff novel is heading your way before fall. We’ll see.

Oh, and like I kind of hinted at over time, Billy West did in fact steal the show from Ty. She turned out to be pretty awesome, a good contrast to Ty. She might need her own book at some point. At the least I need to figure out how to make her a recurring character. I’ll figure it out.

 Anyway, continued thanks for the reviews and comments of not only That’s Criminal but the books as well. And yes I have gotten the message that many of you would like to see Alex and Charlie from Brother’s Keeper back, and yes I’ve been working on it. I just haven’t nailed down the right plot yet. A sequel to Brother’s Keeper isn’t a no. It’s a, to be determined at this point. Stay tuned.


 Tonight, I get to talk to Steve Stratton, Author of Shadow Tier, A Lance Bear Wolf Thriller

Steve Stratton is a veteran of the United States Army and former member of the Secret Service. He started his military career at the White House Communications Agency supporting the needs of Presidents Ford and Carter, Vice Presidents Rockefeller and Mondale and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. His work took him around the world introducing him to new cultures, ways of thinking, and the various agencies tasked with projecting and protecting American interests abroad. The jump to the US Secret Service was an easy transition but after several years and an election campaign, Steve left for the commercial sector.

Steve was awarded his Green Beret in 1986. From the 80’s through 2000 he deployed with 20th Special Forces on counter-drug and training missions in the SOUTHCOM region. His civilian contractor time includes support for USCENTCOM, USSOCOM, and several intelligence agencies. Today he develops cyber security products that support the warfighter and intelligence community. When he is not working, you can find him mountain biking, trout fishing, or hunting in Colorado.

 Find Steve on Instagram @stevestrattonusa and on his website at 

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