TCP Interview with FX Regan, Author of Area 51: Project Sapphire

F.X. Regan was a police officer in a major metropolitan police department and an FBI special agent and SWAT team member. He retired with more than thirty-three years of law enforcement service and had a storied career working on several high-profile investigations. He retired as the special agent in charge of a large FBI field division and went on to become a Vice President and COO for corporate security at two large companies.

AREA 51: Project Sapphire and AREA 51: Project Onyx are the beginning of a planned series of novellas that involve crime and intrigue at the secret government base known as Area 51. AREA 51: Project Lunar Dust will be available in June.

F.X. Regan has penned two full-length novels featuring dismissed FBI agent turned Private Investigator CJ Hawk that involve murder, conspiracy, and rogue government operations in Washington, D.C. A third novel is in development, and all are inspired by actual events including murders in the Nation’s Capital. They are with agents and editors and will be in publication soon.

A third series featuring Fairfax County, Virginia Detective Sergeant Kiki Diaz is in production and the first novella, Rosslyn Station will be out in early fall 2023.

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