TCP Ep. 30 That’s a Wrap!

Hey Everybody!

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Tonight it’s just me. Capping off the first season of That’s Criminal. This was so much fun, especially since I kind of just jumped into the podcast game, everything came together kind of quick. The name, the logo, I just kind of threw it all together and hit record. I had no idea what to expect, pleasantly surprised at how it turned out.

To start I want to say a big thank you to all the authors and creatives that joined me this season. Some great discussions, diving deep into some important stories both true crime and fiction. Especially those first few episodes, Frank Stanfield, and Robyn Maharaj. You guys were really patient with the rookie host. In 2023 I’ll probably add a little more fiction in the mix. Speaking of, If you guys have any authors you want to hear from pass them on, either DM me or email me at I’ll reach out and see if I can get them. I’ve got a tentative roster already planned, but there’s always room for more right. So, let me know who you want me to talk to and I’ll make it happen.

I also want to thank the other hosts who have been so supportive, helping me get the TCP off the ground. Emily Webb, Jason Piccolo, Lee Clemens, John Kozma, Patrick Faulkner, Pat O’Donnell, CJ Lopez, Scott Kafka, Ryan Permison. Hope I’m not missing anyone. Each of these folks helped get me off the ground with either technical advice, business advice, or tips for hosting this thing. Thank you, guys, I really appreciate it.

Finally, I mentioned this before but Brother’s Keeper is on its way to audible. Chas Mandala and I were so happy with the way Spoilers turned out, we decided to collaborate on bringing Alex and Charlie to the spoken word.

Coming early 2023.

Happy holidays everybody, and stay safe, and if you are still looking for the perfect gift for your book junkie, I have seven ideas for you. Check me out on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, wherever books are sold.

Big thanks to Crush Limbo for the music.

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