TCP Ep. 29 Eve Carson and the Joan Webster Murder

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Spoilers is live on Audible. I’m really excited. The way producer/narrator Chas Mandala brings Banks, Wilke, Thompson, DeGuello, and of course Biannca and Poppy to life will blow you away.

Tonight we’re talking to Eve Carson, Author of Simple, Safe & Secret: The 1981 Murder of Joan L. Webster.

Eve Carson was born and raised in Danville, Illinois. In 1981 her sister-in-law Joan Webster was murdered. Her killer has never been found. Eve has published multiple articles and given numerous interviews about Joan Webster in publications such as Crime Magazine, The Journal of Forensic Research, The Precious Hearts Foundation Magazine, The Journal of Forensic and Crime Investigation, Medium, and Unsolved Magazine. In addition, Eve presented aspects of Joan’s case to the International Forensic Research Conference twice.

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Just a thought, Blood Red Ivory would make a hell of a Christmas present.

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