TCP Ep. 22 David Larson Returns to Talk About the Last Jewish Gangster: The Middle Years


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Tonight I’m excited to talk, again, to bestselling author of The Last Jewish Gangster trilogy David Larson.

Last time we talked to David we covered the early years of Michael Hardy. The godson of Bugsy Seigel, the son of one of the most prolific female associates of Murder Inc. Hardy’s life is like a modern day western. An almost mythical adventure through the invisible world of the mob and criminal underground. To summarize, Hardy is ignored by his mom, and has Gangsters for role models. Hardy just decides one day he was taking on that life. He was going to be a gangster. Robberies, heists, the drug trade, and other rackets right up to when he and mom get nabbed in Mexico facilitating a stolen car ring.

Hardy takes the wrap and does Mom’s time in one of the most notorious prisons in the world. La Mesa, The Devils Table, in Tijuana Mexico.

Today we’re going to talk about The middle years, volume two of the Last Jewish Gangster series.

Book two picks up with Hardy, now going under the alias of Richard Mandel being booked into La Mesa prison and it bounces from there to New York, Israel, and California. Like book one, Michael Hardy’s story is like watching a Tarantino movie.

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