TCP Ep. 19 Retired Police Chief Paula May Author of First Degree Rage


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Tonight I get to talk to retired Chief of Police and author of First Degree Rage : The True Story of ‘The Assassin,’An Obsession, and Murder, and Raging On of The “Rage” True Crime Series.

Paula May has been a sworn law enforcement officer in the state of North Carolina since 1989, the last ten as a Chief of Police. Years prior to that she was a detective investigating major violent crimes. Her books First Degree Rage: The True Crime Story of ‘The Assassin,’ An Obsession, and Murder, and Raging On cover the case of LC Underwood. A police officer convicted of murdering his estranged girlfriend’s new lover in 1993.

This was a great interview. We discussed everything from a frozen crime scene in the middle of winter, to going head to head with a murderer in the interrogation room. You’re going to enjoy this one.

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