TCP Ep. 7 Notes Dr. Bill Kimberlin Watch Me Die: Last Words From Death Row

Today I got to talk to Dr. Bill Kimberlin author of Watch Me Die: Last Words from Death Row. Had a fantastic, in-depth talk about Bill’s experience with prisoners on death row, and what he has learned in his time conversing with the condemned.

In this updated edition, a psychologist offers an unbiased look inside Ohio’s death row and the personal perspectives of inmates facing execution.

In Watch Me Die, Dr. Bill Kimberlin explores the grim realities of death row in Ohio and across America. He spends time interviewing inmates and eating meals with them. In some cases, he is the last person to speak with them before they die. From the moment they are placed on suicide watch until the moment they are executed, Kimberlin follows their twisted and complex journey through the execution process.

Through open and intimate conversation, Kimberlin earns the trust of many high-level and violent offenders. He shares their unfiltered thoughts and feelings as revealed to him through their writings, their artwork, and their own words. He also shares his own fears and concerns as he shares space with unconstrained individuals who have taken countless lives.

This newly revised edition includes a “Where Are They Now?” section, updating the reader on which inmates have faced their execution, which inmates are still counting their days, and who else has asked Kimberlin to watch them die.

Don’t Forget, Blood Red Ivory drops on audio tomorrow, May 3rd!

Some Cases You Solve. Some Cases You Survive.

Naval Criminal Investigative Service Special Agent, Tyrone Benhoff is in purgatory. That’s what agents call it when they find themselves on the wrong side of command and are transferred to a place like Djibouti, Africa. He tried to open a case in Virginia that was too close to the wrong people. Now he’s being watched for even the slightest screw-up so his enemies at headquarters can drive him out of the agency.

When a sailor on leave from Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, Africa is killed outside a wildlife preserve in Zimbabwe, Ty is hand-picked to lead the investigation. He finds himself in the middle of a turf war between ivory smugglers and an amazing group of female anti-poaching rangers trying to protect a herd of endangered elephants. If his enemies in NCISHQ don’t get him, it’s even money the wilds of Zimbabwe will.

But Tyrone Benhoff doesn’t quit a case … even when the whole thing was a setup from the start.

A wild ride of a thriller from John Stamp, whose twenty-year law enforcement career included posts as a police officer and special agent with the FBI and NCIS.

Thank you to Crush Limbo , “Yuppies on Scooters,” for the music.

Author: JohnStampWriter

John Stamp is a former Special Agent who served both in the FBI and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Prior to federal law enforcement he served as a Police Officer for the City of Charleston Police Department, Charleston, SC. He is the author of five novels and the They Did What? Crime Blog.

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