TCP Interview with Retired K9 Handler and Author SL Ditmars

Here we go, everybody, this is the TCP and I am John Stamp, with me is the ageless Tiger-dog who is asleep at my feet. I think he had a big night last night. Or he didn’t get enough out of his 4 naps today. Either way, he was out before we got started.

First off thank you for all the compliments on the new cover for Wraith. Jeff Hayes at Plasmafire graphics did a fantastic job capturing the tone of Wraith of Sheltermount. I’m glad you guys like it.

Second, continuing my wholehearted thanks for your continuing support for Brother’s Keeper, Blood Red Ivory, and Spoilers on Audible. Thank you for all the support and compliments you’ve sent.

Also, the Kindle version of Blood Red Ivory is still on sale for $2.99. Just tossing that out there.

Tonight, I’m talking to SL Ditmars,

 S.L. Ditmars is the award-winning author of the Big Dogs series. He is a retired police officer from Long Beach, California, and has held positions in patrol, police K9, information technology, homeland security, counterterrorism, and police communications.

Big Dogs is a fun read.  You’re going to enjoy it.

Find SL Ditmars on Facebook at:

Big Dogs | Prescott AZ | Facebook

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TCP Interview with Iowa State Auditor and true crime author Rob Sand

Hey, everybody, this is the TCP, and I am John Stamp.

First off did you guys see the artwork Jeff Hayes at Plasmafire graphics worked up for Wraith of Sheltermount. Wraith was my experiment in writing a fantasy novel. From the start, Wraith was going to be an indie title. I wanted to do the whole thing myself, so I hired the editor, and did the cover myself. I thought I did pretty good on the cover and it tested well but when I started working with Jeff to upgrade the covers on my other titles, I knew I had to do Wraith. And I was right, he knocked it out of the park. I’ll include it in the show notes. I already put it up on the socials.

Second, continuing my wholehearted thanks for your support for Brother’s Keeper, just released on Audible. Thank you for all the comments and compliments you’ve sent. I want to know what you want to hear next, Where Angels Sing, Spoilers #2, Wraith of Sheltermount, or Shattered Circle. Leave a comment.

Last, Wild Blue Press still has Blood Red Ivory on sale for $2.99. If you haven’t read one of my novels yet, Blood Red Ivory is a great place to start.

Tonight, I’m talking to Rob Sands, 

Iowa’s current State Auditor and true crime author. As Iowa’s chief public corruption prosecutor, Rob uncovered the largest lottery rigging scheme in American history and detailed the case in his book, The Winning Ticket: Uncovering America’s Biggest Lottery Scam. Both a story of small-town America and a true-crime saga about the largest lottery-rigging scheme in American history, The Winning Ticket follows the investigation all the way down the rabbit hole to uncover how one man was able to cheat the system, winning jackpots over $16 million. He went more than a decade without being caught—until Rob inherited the case.

The Winning Ticket is an inside look at one of the most complicated yet seat-of-your-pants financial investigations and prosecutions in recent history. Just as remarkable as the crime are the real-life characters met along the way: an honest fireworks salesman, a hoodwinked FBI agent, a crooked Texas lawman, a shady attorney representing a Belizean trust, and, yes, Bigfoot hunters.

That’s correct, I said Bigfoot hunters.

This was a fun interview.

Find Rob on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @robsandIA

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TCP Interview with Army Veteran and Author TR Hendricks

Warning: Coughing Fit. I was just getting over something and lost it for a moment coughing. My bad.

Hey Everybody,

First, I wanted to point out that I and a boatload of great authors including, Kate Quinn, Jeanette Walls, David Baldacci, and Scott Turow will be signing at the Amelia Island Book Expo, Amelia Island, GA on February 18th which is right around the corner. Also while I’m mentioning it, in June I will be at Space Coast Book lovers, the 21st-24th, Orlando Reads in August, and Books at the Beach, St. Pete’s Beach, in October.

Second, extending my wholehearted thanks for your continuing support for Brother’s Keeper, just released on Audible. Alex and Charlie are two of my favorite characters I’ve put on paper. Thank you for all the comments and compliments you’ve sent.

Third, tonight I’m very excited to welcome T.R. Hendricks to the TCP.

T.R. Hendricks is a former Army tank platoon leader and military intelligence officer who deployed multiple times in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He’s a graduate of Hofstra University on Long Island, NY.

When not working or writing, Hendricks is most likely reading, woodworking, or watching his beloved San Francisco 49ers. T.R. calls upstate New York his home.

His thriller, The Instructor is his first book.

Find T.R. at:

Twitter: @TR_Hendricks

IG: @readtrhendricks

TCP Ep. 30 That’s a Wrap!

Hey Everybody!

As always, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and rate the TCP. Do that and I send you a free ebook. Hit me up by DM on IG @thatscriminalpodcast or email,, and I’ll send you either Brother’s Keeper, Shattered Circle, or Wraith of Sheltermount.

Tonight it’s just me. Capping off the first season of That’s Criminal. This was so much fun, especially since I kind of just jumped into the podcast game, everything came together kind of quick. The name, the logo, I just kind of threw it all together and hit record. I had no idea what to expect, pleasantly surprised at how it turned out.

To start I want to say a big thank you to all the authors and creatives that joined me this season. Some great discussions, diving deep into some important stories both true crime and fiction. Especially those first few episodes, Frank Stanfield, and Robyn Maharaj. You guys were really patient with the rookie host. In 2023 I’ll probably add a little more fiction in the mix. Speaking of, If you guys have any authors you want to hear from pass them on, either DM me or email me at I’ll reach out and see if I can get them. I’ve got a tentative roster already planned, but there’s always room for more right. So, let me know who you want me to talk to and I’ll make it happen.

I also want to thank the other hosts who have been so supportive, helping me get the TCP off the ground. Emily Webb, Jason Piccolo, Lee Clemens, John Kozma, Patrick Faulkner, Pat O’Donnell, CJ Lopez, Scott Kafka, Ryan Permison. Hope I’m not missing anyone. Each of these folks helped get me off the ground with either technical advice, business advice, or tips for hosting this thing. Thank you, guys, I really appreciate it.

Finally, I mentioned this before but Brother’s Keeper is on its way to audible. Chas Mandala and I were so happy with the way Spoilers turned out, we decided to collaborate on bringing Alex and Charlie to the spoken word.

Coming early 2023.

Happy holidays everybody, and stay safe, and if you are still looking for the perfect gift for your book junkie, I have seven ideas for you. Check me out on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, wherever books are sold.

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TCP Ep. 25 John Madinger, Author of Going Under: Kidnapping, Murder, and a Life Undercover

First off, thank you all for your support, comments, and praise for Spoilers on Audible. The first week has gone incredibly well. I’m really excited, couldn’t do it without you.

Tonight I get to talk to John Madinger, Author of Going Under: Kidnapping, Murder, and a Life Undercover.

John joined the drug war in 1974 as a sheriff’s deputy then served as a narcotics agent, supervisor, administrator, and special agent with the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Fifteen years of that time, John spent undercover assignments from Florida to Honolulu and worked major fraud and money laundering cases, becoming one of the country’s leading authorities on money laundering.

John holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Indiana University and a master’s degree in history from the University of Hawaii.

On the literary front, John wrote two textbooks, Confidential Informant: Law Enforcement’s Most Valuable Tool, and Money Laundering: A Guide for Criminal Investigators (3rd Edition). He’s written two novels, Death on Diamond Head and Pipe Dreams, and a history of the opium trade, Opium Kings of Old Hawaii. He’s received awards for fiction, non-fiction, short stories, and even poetry. His most recent book, a memoir, Going Under: Kidnapping, Murder, and a Life Undercover, was released on September 13, 2022, by WildBlue Press.

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