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Hey Everybody I was trying to think of what else I could do to maximize my time behind a computer screen and decided to start a blog. If you check out the tagline this will be the world according to me, no apologies for that, but I will admit things might get a little weird from time to time. I’m still trying to decide what I’m going to blog about but for starters I’m thinking about detailing how I go about writing, what my strategy is, and where some of my material comes from. I was also thinking of throwing in some book reviews or product reviews if I see something I like and want to write about it. There will probably be a little thrown in about the family, two kids, great wife, and two old dogs. At the moment however I am hiding from hurricane Irma in Helen, GA. The fam is packed into a hotel room and I’m the only one still awake while the wind howls outside and the dog snores and takes up most of the bed.

More to come. Just getting started. For now though here is a shameless plug for my books.

I have mostly written crime thrillers in Spoilers and Brothers Keeper. Shattered Circle was an urban fantasy/crime novel, all published by Solstice Publishing. Where Angels Sing is a sequel to Spoilers and will be out October 3rd, can’t wait.

Anyway, have a good night. Out.



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