They Did What? Crime Blog

I’m a crime writer so I guess it fits the trope that I have a crime blog. Though I like the whole dark and scary true crime thing I can’t stand the idea of yet another one of those showing up on the internet so the TDW? is something a little different. I have a strange exercise I do where I like to practice my writing by creating a scene based on something I find in the news. Though the usual crime beat covers the dark stuff because…if it bleeds it leads right? I find that more often than not I’m drawn to the most ridiculous crime stories I can find. I like to write about capers committed by the dumbest, or maybe the most ingenious criminals you’ve never heard of. It entertains me. If it entertains you, great. If not, I’m sure there’s somebody sitting in their mom’s basement typing away about some serial killer you’ve read about a hundred times before too.

Anyway, here we go.

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