TCP Ep. 27 Linda Lou Long, Author of The Tuskegee Strangler: The Nicest Serial Killer they ever Met

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Tonight we’re talking to Bestselling author Linda Lou Long.

Linda Lou Long has worked for over thirty years in a variety of law enforcement and state government positions. Her experience includes working as a Process Officer, riding Horse Patrol, and acting as a Search and Rescue Canine Handler. Linda Lou has also worked with juveniles in a youth camp called Camp Sherwood for the Illinois State Police. More recently, Linda Lou acts as a trainer with the Illinois Police Association-Central Division for the city, county, state, and federal officers instructing on the newest crime-fighting issues, ideas, and techniques.

Linda Lou’s education is in rehabilitation and legal studies with an emphasis in Criminal Justice Administration and Rehabilitation Administration at a Master’s level.

Her book, The Tuskegee Strangler discusses the case of Jerry Marcus, who stalked and killed seven girls 1970 and 1986 in the states of Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee

Linda can be found at: Linda Lou Long | Facebook

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TCP Ep. 5 Carl Denaro, The Son of Sam and Me

Carl Denaro was twenty years old in 1976 when he was ambushed while in a parked car in Flushing, NY. At first the police thought it was a drug deal gone wrong. Then he was told he was shot by David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam. Carl talks about his story of survival and why he believes Berkowitz wasn’t the one who shot him. Show notes at

Carl is available at

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