TCP Interview with Iowa State Auditor and true crime author Rob Sand

Hey, everybody, this is the TCP, and I am John Stamp.

First off did you guys see the artwork Jeff Hayes at Plasmafire graphics worked up for Wraith of Sheltermount. Wraith was my experiment in writing a fantasy novel. From the start, Wraith was going to be an indie title. I wanted to do the whole thing myself, so I hired the editor, and did the cover myself. I thought I did pretty good on the cover and it tested well but when I started working with Jeff to upgrade the covers on my other titles, I knew I had to do Wraith. And I was right, he knocked it out of the park. I’ll include it in the show notes. I already put it up on the socials.

Second, continuing my wholehearted thanks for your support for Brother’s Keeper, just released on Audible. Thank you for all the comments and compliments you’ve sent. I want to know what you want to hear next, Where Angels Sing, Spoilers #2, Wraith of Sheltermount, or Shattered Circle. Leave a comment.

Last, Wild Blue Press still has Blood Red Ivory on sale for $2.99. If you haven’t read one of my novels yet, Blood Red Ivory is a great place to start.

Tonight, I’m talking to Rob Sands, 

Iowa’s current State Auditor and true crime author. As Iowa’s chief public corruption prosecutor, Rob uncovered the largest lottery rigging scheme in American history and detailed the case in his book, The Winning Ticket: Uncovering America’s Biggest Lottery Scam. Both a story of small-town America and a true-crime saga about the largest lottery-rigging scheme in American history, The Winning Ticket follows the investigation all the way down the rabbit hole to uncover how one man was able to cheat the system, winning jackpots over $16 million. He went more than a decade without being caught—until Rob inherited the case.

The Winning Ticket is an inside look at one of the most complicated yet seat-of-your-pants financial investigations and prosecutions in recent history. Just as remarkable as the crime are the real-life characters met along the way: an honest fireworks salesman, a hoodwinked FBI agent, a crooked Texas lawman, a shady attorney representing a Belizean trust, and, yes, Bigfoot hunters.

That’s correct, I said Bigfoot hunters.

This was a fun interview.

Find Rob on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @robsandIA

As always thanks to Crush Limbo for the music.

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