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Happy New Year! Living the furlough life sucks, thanks DC. But in other news I approved the print proof for the new Brother’s keeper and just approved the E-proof for the new Spoilers, to include an outstanding new cover. I still thank Solstice Publishing for all they’ve done for me but I must say, this creative control thing rocks! The idea of John Stamp, Indie Author is really starting to sound good to me. Check these out:

spoilers cover











Getting one step closer to Indie Author Status. Recieved the proof for the new Brother’s Keeper cover. Designed and formatted by yours truly. I now understand what Edison met by “A thousand ways not to create a lightbulb.” Wow learning is hard.



Event: Literary Love Savannah 2019

I will be at LLS 2019, July 25-28, 2019, Savannah Riverstreet Marriott

Tickets still available



After a fantastic experience with Solstice Publishing, my first books Brother’s Keeper and Spoilers have returned to my control. As a result I am updating the covers for both and plan to re-release them very soon. Stand by.


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