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Happy New Year! Wow I’m slack, eight months since I posted here. In my defense I have been writing a ton. So far I’m thinking the new book will be called East African Blindside, but everything is still up in the air. Anyway, probably should make my New Years resolution to get off my ass and keep the website up huh? I’ll give it a shot.










2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Just found your book Shattered Circle. Loved it. I was wondering if you were planning on writing a sequel? I live in Charleston SC and I have a huge interest in “true crime” and the supernatural. I stopped at a small bookstore in Goose Creek for a good read and I definitely did not expect to find this. I was really surprised to find something set in a place so familiar to me that catered to my interests. I really hope you continue the story.


    1. Lee Ann, thank you so much for the great comment. I have a plan for a follow up book. Working out some kinks right now. I am currently working on a new thriller. Once that is done I think Jackson Cole and Faith will make another appearance. I hope you enjoy my other Charleston based work.


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