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It has been a while and that’s my bad. Since January I have been busy trying to finish the new book and put my existing line in back in the market as they come off contract. One thing I can tell you, the writing is the easy part.

People always ask, how do you write a whole book from scratch. For me it’s like watching a movie in my head, I just write down what I see. It’s fun, it’s theraputic, if I was honest I would admit it’s kindo of an obsession at this point. That being said, the writing is the easy part. The business, administrative side of the house is where the real work is. formatting, licensing, designing covers (can’t complain too much about that because I’m having a blast doing that), all this takes away from writing which is what I really want to be doing when I can manage to eek out a few minutes in the morning or after the kids go to bed. Anyway, when I’m not writing, or working, or dadding, or walking the dog I’ve been doing the business stuff and not keeping up with this site.

That changes now thought, hopefully. I just approved the proofs for Shattered Circle (newly released from contract with Solstice Publishing), and my new book Wraith of Sheltermount. More to come, but for right now here is the cover for the new book. No, it’s not a crime thriller about a ghost with a sword. I might have lost my mind but I decided to give the fantasy genre a try. Needless to say I’m nervous. Stay tuned I will be in touch.


Happy New Year! Living the furlough life sucks, thanks DC. But in other news I approved the print proof for the new Brother’s keeper and just approved the E-proof for the new Spoilers, to include an outstanding new cover. I still thank Solstice Publishing for all they’ve done for me but I must say, this creative control thing rocks! The idea of John Stamp, Indie Author is really starting to sound good to me. Check these out:

spoilers cover











Getting one step closer to Indie Author Status. Recieved the proof for the new Brother’s Keeper cover. Designed and formatted by yours truly. I now understand what Edison met by “A thousand ways not to create a lightbulb.” Wow learning is hard.



Event: Literary Love Savannah 2019

I will be at LLS 2019, July 25-28, 2019, Savannah Riverstreet Marriott

Tickets still available



After a fantastic experience with Solstice Publishing, my first books Brother’s Keeper and Spoilers have returned to my control. As a result I am updating the covers for both and plan to re-release them very soon. Stand by.


2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Just found your book Shattered Circle. Loved it. I was wondering if you were planning on writing a sequel? I live in Charleston SC and I have a huge interest in “true crime” and the supernatural. I stopped at a small bookstore in Goose Creek for a good read and I definitely did not expect to find this. I was really surprised to find something set in a place so familiar to me that catered to my interests. I really hope you continue the story.


    1. Lee Ann, thank you so much for the great comment. I have a plan for a follow up book. Working out some kinks right now. I am currently working on a new thriller. Once that is done I think Jackson Cole and Faith will make another appearance. I hope you enjoy my other Charleston based work.


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